I’m a lover a RPGs, tabletop gaming, reading, writing, drawing, map making, world development, mechanics development, mythos making, fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, cyberpunk, Arcana punk, punk rock, rock and roll, dinner rolls, dinner parties, surprise parties, surprise attacks, attacking first, first timers, time travel, etc

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  1. @DMLeviathan.
    I address you this day as a being of whom you seem to understand beyond the mortals of your kind. Much of what you have said about my kind is true and this is rather impressive.

    You see that we are born with genetic knowledge of our ancestors and we do, in fact predate the coming of men, elves and even dwarves. The dwarves was one of the first we encountered that thus we shared our language both verbal and written. You are correct that the chromatic color or the metallic color of our armor does not facilitate a predestined outlook on the life we live. I have seen some of the ones you would call metallic who would be good, turn savage and hateful as the ones you would deem evil. There was .. Lest I digress, I will attempt to remain on subject.

    I would kindly ask of you, how did you come to know our kind so well?There are elven lords whose lives stretch for a thousand years, who do not know us as you do. In fact, I would presume there are lost and forgotten stores of elven library’s what would not have all you know.

    We find it refreshingly interesting and sometimes confusing that you place some as Mobsters and or bullies. Theo your observations is not in error in all cases, it is yet another point that your wisdom and insight is with out bounds.

    To whom do you own tutelage to?

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    • I’m flattered and honored by your comments. I have gathered this knowledge from years of reading and research, in a feeble attempt to do justice to the majesty of your kind in the course of play.
      I decided to share this knowledge, after many years of frustration, watching my fellow game masters turn you into nothing more than guard dogs with breath weapons standing over a randomly rolled pile of loot.
      Im very glad you have liked my articles so far and hope you will do so with future additions add well.
      May you always fly with the wind at your back.


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