In the Footsteps of Giants: Part 3 Frost Giants


Well, a week has gone by, and that must mean that it’s time for another foray into the world of the fantastic creatures that we call Giants. And this time we’re going to take a closer look at those those ancient enemies of man, the Frost Giants.

The tales of the Frost Giants go back for millennia. In the ancient stories of the Norse, they fight a never ending war against the gods of Asgard. They were the first living beings, and the first of them was called Ymir. It was from Ymir’s corpse that the world was created.

However, in Fantasy Gaming, they are simply another Clan of the Ordning. But don’t think that makes them simple.

Frost Giants, as their name implies are creatures of snow and ice. Their hair and beards form dreadlocks of ice that clatters in the wind like chimes. And it’s color ranges from white to light blue. Thier skin is the blue of glaciers.

They don’t grow crops. Nor do they raise cattle. These are the undertakings of lesser beasts. A Frost Giant is a warrior. And they TAKE what they want.

Huge plunderers from the icy lands far from the kingdoms of man, Frost Giants are tough and capable warriors. He respects Strength and Force above all else, and his place in, not only his Tribe but, all of Giant society is on the proof of his physical prowess. This can take the shape of his mighty build, impressive scarring, it trinkets formed from the corpses of his fallen enemies.

A popular Frost Giant rite of passage is killing a White Dragon. While usually ending in either the Giant’s or the Dragon’s death, this can sometimes result in the Victor taking the defeated as it’s slave.

(Though brute force is the main way in which Frost Giants deal with others, it should be noted that, when dealing with obviously dominant forces, they are notorious tricksters. And will lay devious traps for those they fear to face in battle)

When they meet other Frost Giants, and it’s unclear as to which one is the more dominant, they will settle the issue with a wrestling match. These combats can turn into huge parties were each Clan will cheer, brag, and wager on their champion. Or they can turn into feudal ward between clans, when things get too heated.

(Many a tale tells of how an entire region has been destroyed by the clash of rival tribes)

Occupations in the tribe are assigned according to a Frost Giant’s reputation of power. Everything from hunting, soldiering, rearing the children and Crafting. All is given according to the Giant’s Strength and Toughness.

Of these, the lowest ranking would be Crafting, as the Frost Giants consider it below them. Still a talented Carver of Leather Worker might be able to find favor in the tribe’s eyes.

The Frost Giants live from pillaging and raiding. They make armor by stringing together the shields and player mail of defeated smaller foes. And they make thier clothing from the hides of plunderers cattle or horses. They pond swords and blades into arrow and spear heads.

The more powerful Frost Giants have been known to use the scales, from the Dragons that they have felled in battle, to make powerful Dragon Scale Mail armor. They also use the teeth and classes of these ancient enemies to fashion weapons.

(The Red Dragon is the most valued of these along Frost Giants, for obvious reasons)

The Frost Giants live in the high mountains and in the rifts of glaciers. Anyplace that warmth cannot touch. They are so enamored with the cold that Frost Giants don’t cook thier meat. The body heat of a fresh kill is sufficiently hot for them.

When they raid, they are announced by thier fierce war horns. These are often confused for the howling wind of the blizzards the Frost Giants travel within to hide thier movements.

If, by chance, the village did not have anything worth picking, Frost Giants have been known to take the populace as food in place of the cattle.

When playing Frost Giants, my suggestion is to take the Viking culture, on which they were based, and exaggerate it to mythic proportions.

Remember, they are big brutish warriors, who want nothing more than to die in a glorious battle.

Have fun with it.

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Have a good one!


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