What to do about Dragons? Part 3: I got the Blues

blue dragons


I have always been a huge fan of Mobster Movies. From the Godfather series, to Scarface, Carlito’s Way, to Good Fellas. Even to the real life Mobsters Like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and the list goes on and on.

So, is it any surprise that Blue Dragons are my favorite of the Chromatics?

Now, I can hear you already.’ Leviathan, what do mobsters have to do with Blue Dragons?” My friend, if you don’t know, then you don’t know Blue Dragons.

But we’ll get there. We’ll get there. Just be patient.

Blues, in my humble opinion are some of the most beautiful of all the dragons.  They range in color from bright azure to deep dark indigo. Their very scales and hides crackle and pop with static electricity that intensifies the more strongly felt the emotion they may be experiencing. A huge ridged horn sits atop its head along with frilled ear coverings (which helps to keep the sand out). On either side of it’s head and nestled in rows of spikes from its nostrils to its brow, another small cluster of spikes will be found on the pronounced and protruding chin.

Like all Dragons, Blues can eat almost anything to survive. But they are carnivorous by choice. They prefer to raid nearby nomadic camps or caravans for herd and pack animals. They cook the beasts with their breath weapons and feast till there is nothing left.

It hunts by burying itself in the sand, with its horn showing through like an outcropping of stone. When its prey get close, it will pop up and using its wings, pour sand upon its victim like an avalanche.

Blue dragons are easily the most self centered and territorial of all dragonkind. When you play a Blue Dragon, you should think of him much like a mobster. For those of you who haven’t watched many of these movies, another good reference would be Jabba the Hutt. with his palace, in the middle of the desert wasteland, filled with scum, underlings, hit men, bounty hunters and wannabes.

The Blue’s Lair is much like this. The main difference is that they have used their intense breath weapons to burrow and crystalize the sands below the surface into beautiful tunnels and caverns. And, much like mobsters, they always have a secret escape somewhere in the lair.

Unlike some of their Chromatic Brethren, they aren’t ruled by their rage. To the contrary, they are patient and scheming in combat. Willing to wait out an enemy, simply to face them on the Blue Dragon’s own terms.

But even in the most favorable of circumstances, they would prefer to send forth their underlings to the battle, instead of themselves. The Blue will only engage an enemy themselves if they absolutely have to.

Blues treasure creatures who are talented, or have some sort of great value to them. The service of these creatures help to build the reputation and sense of superior power that the Dragons try so hard to maintain.

Bards, historians, wizards, and assassins are always highly valued by a Blue Dragon. And he will reward them greatly for loyalty. But no matter how devoted he considers them, the Blue will rarely let any of them into his lair proper. And, when he does, it is only the most trusted of his minions.

Non-humanoids that it takes into its service are: giant scorpions, ankhegs, other desert creatures, and even elementals but this is usually reserved for the older and more powerful of the dragons.

(A favorite of mine, to pair up with the Blue Dragon, is the Flesh Golem. Since the Golem is regenerated by lightning. They would make an almost undefeatable combination with the blue. I like this so much that one of my more prominent Blue Dragon NPCs, in the world of Urasyn, actually take tribute from those who live in his lands in the form of Flesh Golems. He also has a wizard in his employ who specializes in the constructs)

Other than Servants, the Blue Dragons will collect anything that looks like it has some value to it. Jewelry and Magic items adorned with jewels are stacked high in their hoards. But it has a special fondness for gems. and of all the gems, it prizes sapphires above the rest.

(Honestly, the Blue Dragon has a weakness for blue things in general. It might even obsess with the color enough to take a preference to blue skinned beings in its service)

Making their homes in deserts, they prey on those who live on the edges of these lands and the caravans that have to travel through. Though it has to be noted that they also have been known to make their lairs on the rocky coast, the dry steppes, and the broiling badlands.

After they escape, the ceiling has been rigged so that they can have it collapse upon whoever might be following them, or staying behind to loot their treasure hoard. It can also create dust devils to blind or incapacitate its enemies within its lair. And lightning arcs through its lair, from built up static electricity.

They effect the environment around them, like most of their kind. You will always see thunderstorms raging in the area surrounding the home of a Blue Dragon. Not to mention the sandy sinkholes that are the favorite trap of the breed.

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