What to do about Dragons Part 2: Green with Envy.

green dragon

Alright, lets get this started with a little talk about Green Dragons.

These massive beasts are the true kings of the jungle. Sorry about that Mr. Lion. Green Dragons use every bit of the forest to their advantage. And they are everywhere.

Almost as common as Red Dragons. They hide in the canopies, or blend into the under brush of almost every forest of significant size. Not to mention marshy areas or subarctic tundra.

Greens are the sneakiest, most conniving, and most devious of not just the Chromatic Dragons, but all dragons in my opinion. They will attack without being provoked (usually some form of sneak attack) simply because you might look as though you’re a threat.

When hunting a victim, they will stalk them. And, if the victim is weak, Green Dragons will toy with them before the kill. Enjoying the terror that they provoke with their size and appearance.

Green Dragons hunt by flying over the forest or ambushing from the ground. They’re truly omnivorous, and will eat anything from animals to small shrubs and trees. But, its favorite are elves and it will go out of its way to hunt them.

They are highly aggressive, but that aggression is focused on subterfuge and enslaving those around them. (When playing a Green, I find it easiest to think of them as a master blackmailer) A sinister mastermind, with a network of enslaved underlings who dare not go against him, for fear of being exposed, or the death of a loved one.

These slaves are what the Green Dragon considers it treasure. And it will build up a huge network. With the same diligence that any other dragon would build its pile of gold.

When dealing with other, the Green Dragon would also rather lie to you than look at you. And why not? They are exceptionally good at it. They prefer to be able to bully lesser beings. but they will manipulate when dealing with those they believe to be of equal or greater power. (Which is almost exclusively other dragons)

Greens are greedy and jealous. But what they most covet is power. Because of this, they seek out to bring the powerful down, or into service of themselves. Whenever they see someone that shows promise, they will hunt them down and , if they can, destroy them.

Like all dragons, Greens can have  serious effect on the environment of the area they call home. It will usually be filled with stinging nettles and choking vines.  And this is only the first of the barriers you most go through if you look to attack them in their lairs.

The very birds and rodents in the forest are the Green Dragon’s eyes and ears. They give him warning of anyone trying to approach.There is also the mist of fog, that smells of the dragon’s poison breath. The maze, set up in all directions leading out form its lair, that will send you straight into its devious traps. All of which culminates in a lair entrance that you will have to climb the sheerest cliff or hillside to enter.

They have the ability to breath underwater. Which means that they can escape into the water whenever they feel a battle is going badly for them. Then return later to sneak attack once again. This also means that a good part of their lair will be submerged.

Also, since they have the ability to control plants, it means that you will spend much of your time in battle, fighting while ensnared by the undergrowth. This, while being attacked by blackmailed slaves, who’s loyalty is held steadfast by the fear of losing the things or people most dear to them (other minions can include kobolds, lizard folk, etc.)Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the allies, such as Aboleth, Sphinxes, and other woodland creatures that share the same views that this mighty Master of the Forest.

The Green Dragon is the James Bond villain of the Dragon world. And, if you don’t treat him as such, your doing it, your game, and your players a great disservice.

Hope you enjoyed this. Ill have another one for you soon.

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