Um.. Why am I here?

Yeah, I know there’s an “about” page for this. But I used that to do a short bio.

Instead, I’m going to use this post to explain what my blog is about.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away..

Ok, it was about thirty some years ago in Gonzales, Louisiana, that the older brother of one my friends introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons.

I was instantly hooked.

I went to the nearest game shop and bought my first set of dice.

All was well, till 2 weeks later when he went off to join the Navy, taking his books and knowledge of how to play the game with him.

Frustrated, but determined, I deemed myself a DM and figured out my own very simple dice system using only a D6.

My friends and I didn’t use stats, we didn’t use books, we sat around with a bunch of six sided dice and told stories.

It was amazing.

Those stories are the basis for the world that I run my players adventures in today.

Eventually, I did get the books. I did learn how to be a proper DM and roll more than one kind of dice.

I did… No really..

But I kept building in that world, with many other player parties.
We homebrewed our own rules, classes, and races. Created our own laws, gods, and kingdoms.

Understand, this world has been being built for over thirty years and across several editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Some things are going to be weird.
Some, you won’t understand at all.
Some you will like. Some you will hate.

But still, I want to introduce you to our world, the people in it, and the adventurers they have.

I will also include entries on homebrew stuff that you’re more than welcome to use.

Well… I think that’s it.

Hope that made sense.

If it didn’t.. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

I’ll answer whatever I can.

Welcome to Urasyn.

Oh yeah…. And if there is something you want to see an entry on, let me know.

I take requests sometimes..



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